No longer a Blog Virgin

After being a reader of many good blogs and having the good fortune to meet some of these authors I think that it is time for CT to get in and throw my hat into the blogging world. Sadly I have not hit the Power ball Lottery (yet), have the ability to excel in sports nor hammer a 10 inch spike with my schmeckle (name that movie if you can) so if you like what you read, please drop me a comment.
I promise not to break the 5 cardinal rules while in a public place that is discuss; Politics, Current Events, Gun Control, Abortion or Religion because if I did then I would have to run for office and I have already tried drugs, drink on occasion and don’t like kissing babies. Once I get this thing going, I will let my fellow Blogger’s (look at me, not even a blogger for an hour and I have peers!) know what I have done and they can look at what I have written, photographed and snicker behind their monitors as they are way cooler than this short, slightly overweight middle aged white kid from the South! OK, enough about me and my first post, stay tuned and let’s see if we can have some fun.




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