What did I do last weekend – Can I get an amen?

Ok, this is a futile attempt to see if I can upload pics and if I can navigate this thing. I must commend those who add photos to their blogs, a picture is worth a thousand words and we all know that I ate paint chips as a child so I may be doing a lot of that! Did I mention that I wode the short bus to skool.

Ms Barbara Blue and Garth Asumssen on Harmonica

Barbara getting after it!

Drum Corp from Illinois (check out the little guys with the cymbals)

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the man who I used to sneak into the Rum Boogie Cafe on Historic Beale Street to listen to. He may look like he should be in a retirement home but he still has the voice, the touch, the BLUES, Ladies and Gentlemen put your hands together for the one the only Mr. Don McMinn (ok, I know but I had to give proper credit!)

One could argue for days who the queen of Beale is being it Ms Ruby Wilson or this lady Ms Joyce Cobb. Great set by the way Joyce!

Ah, the final act of the night, Mr Jason D. Williams! For those who do not know how Jason D was discovered, Memphis had their yearly snow storm which shuts the city down. The piano bar in the Peabody hotel’s headlining act could not make it downtown that night so Jason asked the manager if it was ok if he played a little. Jason D’s act is a take off of the original Jerry Lee Lewis of Feraday Louisiana and the people in the audience loved Mr. Jason D. Williams. He then played Dux in the Peabody for a long time until he decided to take his show on the road. He says that he loves to travel but downtown Memphis will always be home!

Here he decides that the piano bench is just too much in the way so he kicks it out of the way!

Jason what in the Hell are you doing, you can’t play the piano upside down?

A Balance test while playing Chantilly Lace – Come Jason it is impossible to do that!

Well I stand corrected, you can play Chantilly Lace (with a pretty face…) with a water bottle on your head!

Hey, who is that guy! Yo King!

Rut Row, I think that “The Killer” is channeling through Jason D right about now, ladies and Gentlemen please rise from your seats and get those lighters out, it is going to be some “Great Balls of Fire”

Goodness Gracious!

Me and Jason D Williams (I do have a picture of me and the original Killer, I will have to find it and post it if I can!)

Now Judy P would smack me if I did not give her some pub for the Center for Southern Folklore, please feel free to visit if you are ever in Memphis. http://www.southernfolklore.com/

Also please feel free to visit Barbara’s site as well. http://www.barbarablue.com/

Ladies and Gentlemen, Carbunkle Trumpet has left the Building!



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