For those who do not know what the 3rd week in May means to the smokers of the meat!

When I am not savoring a fine cigar, trying to find reasons not to work, or watching my beloved Cubs lose 8 of their last 10 games I mess around on the Ambergris Caye Message board and with the help of some locals have started a little contest during the Thanksgiving break. The contest is a BBQ sauce contest and I think we will have a lot of fun with it and also raise some money for the local island charities. It started with myself and another knucklehead from Kansas City bantering back and forth about BBQ and BBQ sauce. Between Memphis and Kansas City there is a huge debate and I make it a point not to go over 5000 words on a post so more on that later.
Now I know that there are some who have not had the privilege to enjoy proper Memphis BBQ but we hold an event every May that transforms the banks of the Mississippi river into “The Worlds Largest Cocktail Party” otherwise known as the BBQ festival and cooking contest.
Sadly I am not a BBQ aficionado like my buddies, I just can’t bear to burn a week of vacation to work my arse off pay a lot of money for the party and when I return to work on Monday I am exhausted (It is different with going to Belize) so I have never joined in the fun. This year, I was asked to take some pictures of the festival for a buddy of mine who lives in Vegas, since I am working on getting people to do the BBQ sauce contest, I figured I would display those pictures and see the work and showmanship that these teams do and spend.
This ain’t your run of the mill circle around the Weber grill, some of these BBQ rigs cost in upwards of a half a million! KC et all, feel free to come down to the banks of the Mississippi next year, it is a hoot!

Wouldn’t be Memphis in Mud without a little rain (or a Tornado)

Look at that logo up there on the booth, you may see that again in November!!!

Right there is a triple Decker with porta-potties on each level – Big Money!

This looks like a San Pedro Special if you ask me! (I went over and asked them where they got the idea from and bless their hearts, they were just drunk rednecks!)

Now we are talking big money, I would say that sucker is over 4 grand!

This is my friends tent/team and they have a smoker large enough for 4 cases of ribs, a smaller smoker that I can curl up in (left of guy in hat) and in the fore picture are two grills. If you work for Kingsford charcoal you love these guys!

Close up of the “Smaller” Smoker (Give me a break!)

Brother Brooks loading larger smoker’s fire box

Did you ever wonder what 4 cases of ribs looked like when they are all laying on one rack of the grill? Oh and the top rack is tenderloin.

With team spending in excess of some smaller countries, I bet they would welcome a sponsor!

This baby is for sale and for just over 20K can be yours to take home!

Yes in front of the gold plated spinner wheels is a flat screen HD TV doesn’t everyone need one of those?

I got to see them wheel this sucker in on an 18 wheeler flatbed, it was huge!

My boys over at Hog Wild’s smoker just resting for Friday night, they came in the top third of the class so they were happy.

Wait we are on the banks of the Mississippi not lake Slidell! Well I can tell you after eating smoked food for 4 days you will welcome anything different! The highlight of the week was some NYC/Philly boys brought 2 cases of Philly meat with the rolls and served them up, there was almost a riot.

So this concludes your BBQ 101 class, and if you can make a trip to SP in November we will see you there!



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