Let your Freak Flag Fly

Ah after a great evening of the B52’s and since Ike postponed the Hogs/Horns game till the end of the month I figured it was time to head to the Cooper Young festival in Midtown. Midtown is an older part of Memphis and the Cooper Young area could be considered the East Village/Deep Ellum beatnick hippies who needs a bath. Now my motto has always been serve all and love all so off we went, and had to swing by my good friend Lindsey D for a quick libation and to say hello.
Did the festival and got a chance to eat my all time favorite festival food which is a hot dog that has been battered in a yellow batter and friend up golden brown with mustard slathered on it – AKA a Corn Dog or Pronto Pup!
Afterwards we headed back downtown and went over to some friends who were having a cook out and had a good evening. I gotta go as week 2 is fixing to start!

Wonder how I can get one of those little carts down to San Pedro, I bet there is a market for that at Central Park!
There are 2 things that I think should be left at home for a large street festival, dogs and this contraption!
Ms Doty and her rather Hot Pink Door!
Mel – Honey you need to lay off the corn dogs you are getting a Carbunkle tummy, oh wait I am just fat, and she is expecting! Boy name – Willie Curry, Girl name – Reba Curry I like it!

Got to love Cooper Young!
Another Cart, the owner said it retails for about 2800.USD from New York.

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James K’s Pad

Another view, love the exposed brick

Party is underway!

Watch it wiggle and to quote a great movie “Once it touches your lips!”

Crazy Aunt Buffy doling out the Jello shots!

Me and Archie Mitchell (more on that later)Archie and the gang

Oh so she must have gotten those at the Platinum Plus ‘gentlemen’s club’ auction on Thursday
I feel old and rather short with the Hammond boys

The South’s grand hotel

Here is hoping that Week 2 is better than Week 1 and I hope the Jets smoke the cheaters!




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