So why did you make sandwiches and stuff like that, you going to a B52’s show or something?

Yes we did and they rocked the house!
One good thing about living here in Memphis other than the horrible drivers, shitty school system, a mayor who loves himself more than…(ok I will stop) is we get a great assortment of music acts. I am working on a post later but we purchased a table for the “Live at the Garden concert Series” and so far we have seen Jewel (kinda lame) Earth Wind and Fire (wow!), Crosby Stills and Nash (WOW!) and this evening we have that ole Athens GA band the B52’s in. We always catch their show when they are in town and this one was just as good! Ok, here are the pictures

Snicker at my previous recipe submission, those things were good!

Jason D Williams, what are you doing here? You were on the Blog from 2 weeks ago!

Ok, that is pretty impressive you have that much flexibility!

Now Jason get off of the Piano and play it correctly! All kidding aside, he put on a great set and got the crowd ready for the B52’s! Always a bonus when he is playing!

Wonder why we have a picture of Ernie M and Momma? More to come later for my fellow “Sauce off competitor’s!”

Ah Fred is back and he is still as “Sissy Mary” as he always is!

We will meet in Mesopotamia!

Strobe Light!

Nice Glasses Ford, do they match your purse?

Cannon what are you doing? Take those funny glasses off now!

Now Momma is getting into the game, oh brother, I know what is going to happen next!

Ok, can we get back to the show please?

Sad to say that not one of them were born when “Love Shack” was released on a vinyl record!

Bless her heart, she thought this was a Hannah Montana show!

Rut Row – Fred has a cowbell must be time for Planet Claire!

Fred, thanks for the shout out, I appreciate it and we will see you next time!

And with that Ladies and Gentlemen, Carbunkle has left the building!



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