two out of three ain’t bad!

Ah a glorious Saturday, the weather has a slight chill to it, the fair is in town and today there are three sporting events that are ‘must see!’ To try to explain SEC (South Eastern Conference) football to someone who does not live in this part of the country is like explaining ice hockey to a Belizean child who has never seen temperatures below 50 so I won’t even try. I will tell you that weddings are scheduled depending on if their team is home or away and I would say that 80% of the cars on the road on a Friday are proudly flying their favorite teams colors – It is religion!

Now there is only one place that one could watch a couple of sporting events from a comfortable chair, have an ice cold beer, a great burger and they even allow me to smoke a Perdomo Cabinet Series cigar (as long as you bring Andy one too) so off we head to the Tavern. Alex’s tavern is in the heart of the hood in the beautiful Crimefree Evergreen district and has been over serving for 50+ years. The owner is Rocky Kasfastas (yep he’s Greek) and he took it over from his father (Alex) when he passed away and it is considered the oldest tavern in the city. We arrive to find 2 seats at the bar with the new 1000.00 bar seats and get luck to have the Cubs/Cardinals game on one big screen and the Vols/Gator’s game on the other so off we go!
In the end the Cubs clinch the division and the Vols get smoked so it was a good day!
Oh and you may be wondering why I said 2 out of 3, well my alma mater got killed by Bama by I don’t want to talk about it! As Sonny Wilson would say “It sure is hard to be Hog fan right now!”
Ok pictures!

You have to enter the Tavern from the back door by the patio and Valet Parking stand.

Alex’s picture hangs proudly above the Jukeboxes

How Sweet is this, Cubs game on the left and Vols game on the right!

Who says Alex’s isn’t a family bar, behind the cash register are pictures of patron’s kids or nephews. (See the kid to the right of the BMI sticker..That’s my nephew/godchild!)

(left to right) Andy the Bartender, Lance (another hog fan) and Rock-Mo the owner

Sorry for rubbing it in to my Cardinal fans but the last time the Cubs won a world series The model T ford was in production!



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