It is a good thing I wasn’t packing heat today, this blog would be typed from 201 Poplar (Jail)

Note to self – call in sick from work the next time a presidential candidate comes into town! More on that later.
Ok, now I have time to put this on a computer screen, first of all let me say that I consider myself a passive aggressive person as my motto has always been love all, serve all and I think of myself as an even keeled person. This is the case 99 percent of the time with one little exception to the Carbunkle mantra – I hate being late and I lose my $hit when it happens.
My office is near the airport and because I am not tied to a desk I get out seeing customers and things like that so I am always on the go and making appointments and on the go. Today is the first presidential debate down in Oxford, MS (hour south of Memphis) so I knew that traffic would be touch and go with Obama and McCain flying into town and I am sure there would be a lot of pomp and circumstance so I budgeted my time. Obama flew into town during lunch time and they parked his plane at one of the private jet hangers and of he went I assume.
Now, I am heading back to the office and I notice a couple police motorcycle cops at the intersection and think to myself “What are they doing here, they should be on the other side of the airport?” Next thing I know they spring into action and block the intersection and I am now stuck thinking that it won’t be that long…….
More Waiting…..
We are talking 20 minutes here and still waiting…..
Did McCain slip and fall getting onto his bus, what is taking so long…..
Wait, is that a car coming?
23 cars/motorcycle cops later here comes the McCain bus to be followed by a ton more cars, vans, suburbans, and an ambulance!
Now give me a freaking break! When President Bush was in town 2 years ago with the Japanese Prime Minister and they went to the Civil Rights Museum, to Graceland, back downtown to the Rendezvous and traffic sang like a champ, you get two candidates and it is like “Who has the bigger motorcade!”
Ok, I am better!

What are we waiting for, the quickest way to Oxford is on the other side of the airport

Still waiting…

I mean, is every Cop in Memphis working the motorcades today???

Finally the bus, but aren’t we in a gas shortage now?

One of the 10 Vans carrying the Press, would have been cheaper to get them a big bus if you ask me!

Ah the Ambulance because Oxford doesn’t have any hospitals or clinics…

Wait a Mississippi trooper, is all of Mississippi working this thing too? Could have robbed banks in Memphis and Mississippi today and gotten of scot free!

Look as his Shiny purty plane!

What can I say, I am glad I didn’t have live ammo today!


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