I wonder why my pants don’t fit as easy

I am sure that everyone from time to time gets into a craving of something, this week for the Carbunkle Trumpet household it was for a juicy grilled burger fresh from the grill. At our local grocery store in the meat department they have a ground beef burger that is stuffed with all kinds of love from bacon, different cheeses, and even spicy sausage and they look great. This evening the Trumpets were trying the stuffed cheese version and for my readers south of the border I apologize but I will gladly trade you lobster or fresh fish any day so let me know.

Doc, I have no idea why my Cholesterol is so high, I eat lean meat!

Oh, they are almost done, I am starting to get a chubby!

Momma working on a dish for her Hen party tomorrow

Daddy, are you cooking me a burger too?

In closing, they were excellent and my craving was satisfied!


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