Someone has a hankering for some smoked pork

I think I may be pregnant as this morning I awoke and I am craving ribs for some reason. So off to the local grocery store this morning and you have to love grocery stores at 7AM as there is not a soul in there and I procured enough for dinner this evening. The method that I cook Ribs is the way my friends BBQ team does them as you smoke them for a couple hours then you steam them in a citrus juice and the last hour you put a finishing/glaze on them. Anyway the key is a good fire and smoke. I will add more as the process goes on today. 200 degrees in the shade (so hot)

Smoke signals to the neighbors

And to think that in 6 hours they will be ready!

Adding the OJ and Brown Sugar love

Happy, Happpy!

Applying the Glaze/finishing sauce

Another slathering (is that a word) and a little rest before serving

Sure is quiet!

Good Night Memphis, Craving solved!



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