What do Gay bears and the World Series have in common…..NO CUBS!

All I have to say about the Cubs is that I hope you enjoy the time off because it is a Century +1 for stinking up the game! Anyway had a good Saturday as we competed in the downtown Olympics at Calhouns Sports bar. There were 7 teams of 4 and the neighborhood fielded 3 of those so a good time was had by all. The events were a bar relay race, Big wheel race, soul burger eating contest, synchronized drinking and a corn hole contest. South Bluffs 2 didn’t win any medals but team 3 picked up some so we shall wait till next year to see if we can Micheal Phelps it!

South Bluffs Team 1
They got their ride on a trailer
Calhouns team
The Republic of PBR
The 417 South Main boysThe Squirrels

AJ on SB1’s ride

Me on the little bike (Safety first)

Soul Burger love!

Lining up for the Soul Burger eating contest

Me and Ms Dinkgrave

SB1 doing the synchronized drinking


PBR’s Routine
PBR Making a pyramid
Our offering done to “Rehab” by Amy Winehouse
As you can see we are ad libbing it!
There is always one Texas fan in the bar!

The Canadian Ref

Good to be the king!

Goofing around!

Katie sure is a snazzy dresser!

The Arian Race!

No it’s not Borat but he is here for your daughters!

Sparks and Liz Chatting it up

SB2 in the Cornhole

SB1 Watching the games

All in all a good time was had by all!



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