Month: November 2008

Points of personal clarification

Wow, when we were down in Belize I got asked a dozen times why the name Carbunkle Trumpet for my blog and what is 595 that is on my facebook account, I didn’t think anyone read this damned thing, I am humbled. Ok first thing first, the name Carbunkle Trumpet.
While I was attending college I was the sports trainer for the men’s tennis team which meant that the only Americans were myself and the head coach. My roommate on the road was the assistant coach who happened to be from Kent England and let’s just say that he and I shared a common interest in that we loved to gamble! I am not going to go into detail but we would bet on English Football (Soccer) each week and as luck would have it, I got pretty good at picking the winners considering I didn’t bet with my heart. Now to place bets you had to have an alias so for the longest time I was “The Yank from Tennessee”. Now this did not set well with those who were in the UK as each week I was listed in the top 25 percentile and they were calling me “The Carbuncle” aka the boil or the rash as they were a little peeved that a Yank was dipping into their cash bucket each week. I of course took it with great pride so I changed my betting name to Carbunkle Trumpet as I am also a fan of Blues music and hence the name and legend was born.
Now where in the hell is Bar 595 and what is up with all of these Coozies? When Ms Trumpet and I were moving into our house we had a room off the living room that would be considered a ‘Florida room’ or sitting room, considering I am an Semi Pro Alcoholic and huge kid at heart we decided to make it a bar. The front and back sections were gifts from my parents and I ordered one of those Frontgate house markers that didn’t fit on the house so I put it on the wall above the booze and we started calling the bar ‘Bar 595’. Over the years (and when Ms Trumpet is out of town for business) the bar has evolved into a cross between Moroccan nights meets House of Blues with tons of memorabilia on the walls. As far as the coozie each year for Musicfest we put out a beer coozie and have a funny saying on the back of it, this year is “Stop yelling at me!” but it gets better. A very good friend of mine who lives over in England travels around the world for business and pleasure and he photographs the coozie at various places. English Mike is the ambassador of good will for the bar and in return he gets to drink for free and gets free room and board for Memphis in May BBQ fest for the rest of his life. He and I always end our correspondence with TTQ (To the Queen) to which I have to give my Elvis shout outs as TTK (To the King), ok enough talking to the pictures!

Front of the bar and you can see the close proximity of the living room

One of the french doors covered in “Where’s 595” photos all across the world

Assorted crap and trinkets on the other door

My prized humidor made by Graniels down in San Pedro Belize
The reminder of Belize each mask was purchased on our trip down to San Pedro and we hang it to remind us of the good times we had. Right now we have 11 under our belt or on the wall!

Yes that is a TV in the bar and yes there is a flat screen 5 feet away but Bar 595 has to be a sports bar right?

This year’s coozie

English Mike working hard promoting the bar with the reef gials!

Here the coozie is taking in some music at Live 8In China with the Tera Cota Soldiers

On the back of the car (to the right of the armed soldier) there are two 595 bumper stickers! This photo is at the Mongolian border during the Mongolian Rally (Beat that Travelocity gnome!)

This isn’t Russia, is this Russia? 595 in Red Square!
595 at Bristol (Salute!)

Now the coozies isn’t all just fun and games, here he is taking in some culture!

Speaking of culture…. (Kidding Peter) you actually need a coozie here because the beer so damn cold! That and the people who hang out are pretty nice as well!

Ok, enough about that, my only fear about having a full service bar in my house is my 4 year old nephew will go to his little private Catholic school one day and inform the teacher that his Uncle Bobo and Aunt Sissy let him make drinks and fetch cold pops! Ah his teachers love me anyway for some of his saying now!

Now I got to start working on my Belize Trip report(s)

And so TTQ and TTK!

It is a good thing I am not packing heat down here

Quick post since I am on ‘borrowed wi-fi’ I will post pics when/if I return. So we were having a drink at La Playa (crappy ugly bar that is hot, overpriced, and too far from our hotel) and we meet this 13 year old kid who would appear to act like a 30 year old. We ask him where he is from and the traditional 20 questions that you exchange and it appears that his parents are missionary trainers (the religious kind folks) and as luck would have it, he is in Belize doing that type of work. Now if you look up to my title post and you probably are asking yourself “Carbunkle you hit your head or jump a little too much into the One barrel last night?”
Scroll down and let me know if you don’t agree with me….

The little B@stard lives on one of two (yep two folks) 40 foot catamaran’s and they sail the world doing this type of work!!!!! He hasn’t been on US soil for 6 months and that was just to get supplies!!!
I will post pics of the boat when I get home.

Ok here are the pics of the catamarans and it looked like they were on a schedule because 2 days after I posted that they took off for probably another crappy location.

Can’t really see them that well but let me assure you they were nice


Funny Hat day!

Wow three posts in one day, this is a record if I don’t say so! To finish out the weekend and to keep a tradition alive a bunch of the downtowners assembled at the Flying Saucer for Funny Hat day. As people would drive by on second street it is hilarious to see them do double takes, start to snicker and some would even point. After a couple of hours of that, we then headed back to Calhoun’s to finish out the football games before Momma and I headed home and ate that Spaghetti Gravy that I started on Saturday morning. A good weekend came to a close as we cracked open a bottle of good wine and watched our crack Sunday night TV shows. Only 10 more days till Belize and I can’t wait!

Benjie with the Crawdad hat, Doctor King with the Raiford Ball Hat!
The Gials looking smashing in their Sunday best hats!
AJ and his hat
Group Shot @ the Saucer
Finishing up at Calhoun’s

Good Times, who else celebrates Funny Hat day?


Club 32 Yes Didi I write a blog!

Some of my friends are busting my chops because I have grown my hair out and they think I look like a guy who lives downtown who also writes a blog. I think not so this one is for you Didi, Weed and Weather!
Headed over to Club 32 on Saturday night to watch football and enjoy a couple adult beverages, we had a good time and low and behold Texas Tech won another one! Guns up Baby, Guns Up!

The importance of this picture? He never empties his own ashtray!
Good Weather! Now make sure you wipe it out too!
Another riveting football game @ Club 32!
Weed regrouping with Albert!

Keep it up and I will write more about you!


Stars on my crown in heaven

Since we will be down in Belize for Thanksgiving without the family, I figured I would be the good son and smoke some turkeys for my mother, sister and their friends. Now I am quite creative when it comes to smoking things and this would be the case for this creation. One of the birds, I stuffed the cavity with apples and between the skin and the meat I put the remaining concoction of red bell pepper and garlic puree with corn and black beans that we had the week before as a dip. On the outside I dusted the bird with a BBQ dry rub that I had and then went to work on the other bird. The other I simply put 2lbs of bacon on it and injected it with fruit juices and then let both of them smoke for 12 hours. I have tried both and they are fantastic! I will freeze them and on Turkey day they can thaw, heat and serve.
Sorry I won’t be here to eat it with them but I plan on having Lobster on my Thanksgiving day! Don’t hate the player hate the game!
OK to the pictures!

Been swimming in a Brine bath all night long!
Lacing her up with bacon (Nova would be proud)
BBQ Dry Rub Love!
Not even breaking 200 degrees today!
Was able to fit both of those big arse bastards on the egg, honey I may need the XL
The neighborhood dogs are going crazy wondering where that smell is coming from!
Pork Fat Rules!
10 hours into it!
Sure is a tough job but someone had to do it!
While that was going on outside, I figured we would also make spaghetti gravy for Sunday night!

In the end it was excellent and I think my mother, sister and friends will be happy.


Diez y Siete mas dias

As today is election day it also marks 17 more days till I am back down on that shitty little island that me and Ms Trumpet love so much. Every morning when I walk into the office I walk into the office of one of my coworkers and write down how many days I have left till I leave for Belize. Hopefully she won’t smack me too hard!

The first thing that I will be doing after I check in and down the first Belikin!

Doesn’t that view suck?


Yep, I live in a neighborhood that isn’t any fun

With Halloween done, we then move onto the annual BBQ/party in the hood and this year was a little toned down but a good time was had by all. Rather than a BBQ rig we decided to pull out the smokers and let er rip. Not to be outdone we had to have a little contest as the 3 smokers had varying preparations of ribs but in the end all was good. My favorite were the Cuban style ribs and the smoked spam, that’s right I said smoked spam, I will have to try that next time!

The Porkasaurus cookers

The Rienzi Team

Yep another crappy Fall day in South Bluffs

Hey no pictures please!

I wonder what that is?

Bologna being prepared

Rolling some BBQ sauce in the Bologna

Yep the one and only!

Laying the Racks of Ribs in the foil

For the Cuban Ribs

Prepping the Spam with dry rub

Happy Happy!

The backwoods smoker (although I call them ovens)

Bologna almost done!

Justin be afraid, be very afraid!

The Rienzi Team dusting the ribs

The Canadian checking emails

I am at a loss for words on this one!

Miss Katie getting a ride from Daddy

J-Bob finally shows up

Smoked Spam, the finished product and it was very good

Ribs going back into the smoker for the glazing process

15 minutes and we will be done!

The Gals waiting for the ribs

Happy People

Ribs are ready!

Good turnout!

More people

The ladies

Justin eating an orange cupcake in one bite! (I should have video of it!)

What can I say Britney sees something in him

Ms Doty and her man

Family shot

Watching the Texas/Texas Tech game

Game is getting close

Guns up won 20 from Ernie!

All in all it was a good party!


Halloween with a 4 year old

My nephew decided that he wanted to come trick or treat with us this year as he may be only 4 but he is smart considering we live in a zero lot line community and there are 9 houses on each block. He came dressed at Handy Manny and although I am not sure who that is (I am used to Barney, Sponge Bob) we all had a good time. His mother and my mother also came and we cooked Chili and enjoyed a cool evening in the hood.

Front Yard decorations Kinda Corny but funny

The Queen and SAA class of 93?

J-bob getting candy from the neighbor

He hates getting his picture made can’t you tell?

Show me anger!

MaryAnna getting some candy

What is it a class reunion?

Mom Dad I am ready to go home!

Vampire Handy Manny and the queen (my mother)

Hanna Montana and dad

Getting it!

Not an ugly one in the hood!

Girl Scouts gone bad and Joe Dirt

BFF and Weather in the background!