Halloween with a 4 year old

My nephew decided that he wanted to come trick or treat with us this year as he may be only 4 but he is smart considering we live in a zero lot line community and there are 9 houses on each block. He came dressed at Handy Manny and although I am not sure who that is (I am used to Barney, Sponge Bob) we all had a good time. His mother and my mother also came and we cooked Chili and enjoyed a cool evening in the hood.

Front Yard decorations Kinda Corny but funny

The Queen and SAA class of 93?

J-bob getting candy from the neighbor

He hates getting his picture made can’t you tell?

Show me anger!

MaryAnna getting some candy

What is it a class reunion?

Mom Dad I am ready to go home!

Vampire Handy Manny and the queen (my mother)

Hanna Montana and dad

Getting it!

Not an ugly one in the hood!

Girl Scouts gone bad and Joe Dirt

BFF and Weather in the background!



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