Yep, I live in a neighborhood that isn’t any fun

With Halloween done, we then move onto the annual BBQ/party in the hood and this year was a little toned down but a good time was had by all. Rather than a BBQ rig we decided to pull out the smokers and let er rip. Not to be outdone we had to have a little contest as the 3 smokers had varying preparations of ribs but in the end all was good. My favorite were the Cuban style ribs and the smoked spam, that’s right I said smoked spam, I will have to try that next time!

The Porkasaurus cookers

The Rienzi Team

Yep another crappy Fall day in South Bluffs

Hey no pictures please!

I wonder what that is?

Bologna being prepared

Rolling some BBQ sauce in the Bologna

Yep the one and only!

Laying the Racks of Ribs in the foil

For the Cuban Ribs

Prepping the Spam with dry rub

Happy Happy!

The backwoods smoker (although I call them ovens)

Bologna almost done!

Justin be afraid, be very afraid!

The Rienzi Team dusting the ribs

The Canadian checking emails

I am at a loss for words on this one!

Miss Katie getting a ride from Daddy

J-Bob finally shows up

Smoked Spam, the finished product and it was very good

Ribs going back into the smoker for the glazing process

15 minutes and we will be done!

The Gals waiting for the ribs

Happy People

Ribs are ready!

Good turnout!

More people

The ladies

Justin eating an orange cupcake in one bite! (I should have video of it!)

What can I say Britney sees something in him

Ms Doty and her man

Family shot

Watching the Texas/Texas Tech game

Game is getting close

Guns up won 20 from Ernie!

All in all it was a good party!




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