Stars on my crown in heaven

Since we will be down in Belize for Thanksgiving without the family, I figured I would be the good son and smoke some turkeys for my mother, sister and their friends. Now I am quite creative when it comes to smoking things and this would be the case for this creation. One of the birds, I stuffed the cavity with apples and between the skin and the meat I put the remaining concoction of red bell pepper and garlic puree with corn and black beans that we had the week before as a dip. On the outside I dusted the bird with a BBQ dry rub that I had and then went to work on the other bird. The other I simply put 2lbs of bacon on it and injected it with fruit juices and then let both of them smoke for 12 hours. I have tried both and they are fantastic! I will freeze them and on Turkey day they can thaw, heat and serve.
Sorry I won’t be here to eat it with them but I plan on having Lobster on my Thanksgiving day! Don’t hate the player hate the game!
OK to the pictures!

Been swimming in a Brine bath all night long!
Lacing her up with bacon (Nova would be proud)
BBQ Dry Rub Love!
Not even breaking 200 degrees today!
Was able to fit both of those big arse bastards on the egg, honey I may need the XL
The neighborhood dogs are going crazy wondering where that smell is coming from!
Pork Fat Rules!
10 hours into it!
Sure is a tough job but someone had to do it!
While that was going on outside, I figured we would also make spaghetti gravy for Sunday night!

In the end it was excellent and I think my mother, sister and friends will be happy.



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