Funny Hat day!

Wow three posts in one day, this is a record if I don’t say so! To finish out the weekend and to keep a tradition alive a bunch of the downtowners assembled at the Flying Saucer for Funny Hat day. As people would drive by on second street it is hilarious to see them do double takes, start to snicker and some would even point. After a couple of hours of that, we then headed back to Calhoun’s to finish out the football games before Momma and I headed home and ate that Spaghetti Gravy that I started on Saturday morning. A good weekend came to a close as we cracked open a bottle of good wine and watched our crack Sunday night TV shows. Only 10 more days till Belize and I can’t wait!

Benjie with the Crawdad hat, Doctor King with the Raiford Ball Hat!
The Gials looking smashing in their Sunday best hats!
AJ and his hat
Group Shot @ the Saucer
Finishing up at Calhoun’s

Good Times, who else celebrates Funny Hat day?



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