It is a good thing I am not packing heat down here

Quick post since I am on ‘borrowed wi-fi’ I will post pics when/if I return. So we were having a drink at La Playa (crappy ugly bar that is hot, overpriced, and too far from our hotel) and we meet this 13 year old kid who would appear to act like a 30 year old. We ask him where he is from and the traditional 20 questions that you exchange and it appears that his parents are missionary trainers (the religious kind folks) and as luck would have it, he is in Belize doing that type of work. Now if you look up to my title post and you probably are asking yourself “Carbunkle you hit your head or jump a little too much into the One barrel last night?”
Scroll down and let me know if you don’t agree with me….

The little B@stard lives on one of two (yep two folks) 40 foot catamaran’s and they sail the world doing this type of work!!!!! He hasn’t been on US soil for 6 months and that was just to get supplies!!!
I will post pics of the boat when I get home.

Ok here are the pics of the catamarans and it looked like they were on a schedule because 2 days after I posted that they took off for probably another crappy location.

Can’t really see them that well but let me assure you they were nice


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