Hey Boss I got Anal Glaucoma today….

Sorry for the lack of posts, it would appear that when you take a week off and head out of the country work expects for you to make deadlines when you return. Anyway we are now in the final countdown till the end of the year/quarter and I still have 2 more sick days so I burned on this past Friday. I informed the boss that I was going to have a bad case of Anal Glaucoma tomorrow (Translation – I couldn’t see my arse coming into work today) so I needed to stay home and rest.
I had a good day off as momma and I had a nice early lunch and then I ventured off to get my hair cut as the other day someone called me a ‘mam’ and I need to look my best for the family Christmas parties and stuff. In that I try to support downtown vendors I get my hair cut at the Peabody Hotel and they have the full Christmas decorations up so I snapped a couple of pics before my hair appointment.
I do promise to do better for the next couple of weeks and already have next post’s in my head.

See I am a stress ball waiting to explode! (photo stolen from Barnacle Bill)
Now this is the way it is supposed to be, Christmas trees AFTER Thanksgiving!

The tree in the Peabody Hotel

The main fountain in the Peabody lobby (wait what is that dark stuff in the fountain?)

Why it is the world famous Peabody Hotel Ducks

Another View of the tree from the ground level
Now for those of you who do not know of the Peabody Hotel, the South’s Grand hotel, here is the website and also the reason they have ducks swimming in the fountain. The hotel is very nice as well as all of the restaurants and bars in it but do us a favor, don’t drink the Mint Julep, you will not be happy! (Trust us!)

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