You better watch out!!!!

Remember back when I explained my name and told about Bar 595, well in those bottles behind the bar there is actual alcohol and from time to time people who have sat at Bar 595 have over-medicated themselves on occasion. Even I have awoken on some mornings and said that the Bar is evil and needs to be destroyed but 3 years ago a great idea was concurred and 2 grown men (who act like kids) started something that now has become an annual event.

You see 3 years ago one night in December the Honorable Johnny Kalb and yours truly jumped a little too much in the jug and came up with a great idea of purchasing a piece of Christmas inflatable yard art and putting it in someones yard. That year it was a Penguin sitting on an Igloo and since it was mid December the price was very reasonable. The Penguin was moved to various friends of ours in the hood when one of the residents who we put it in got very upset in that it was ‘Tacky’ and should be removed immediately! Now Doctor Kalb and I have been called many things and by much worse people but Tacky is not one of those descriptions so in spirit of Christmas we went the next day and purchased another inflatable and put it in her yard!
Little did we know that the younger children in the hood loved the idea and every morning on the way to school the parents of the kids had to drive around the hood to see where the Penguins ended up that night. To be nice we always made sure that the kids got the inflatables on Christmas eve and were put on the porches with “drunken” care!
Now fast forward to current day and we now have a good assortment of inflatables and to mark the Christmas season Kalb puts all of them in his yard for his Cotton Carnival Christmas party and after a couple of days they fly around to harass the various neighbors of South Bluffs. Oh and that lady who complained, she moved to Harbor Town but I have heard that some residents have called the Property Manager and complained a little but then when they are told it is a joke they allow it to go on. Anyway here is the start of Red Neck Christmas in South Bluffs 08!
The front of the Kalb residence (we are going to get some complaints again!)
This could be the tackiest thing yet that we have gotten!
This is Penguin #2 as the first one died during the summer
The inside of Kalb’s yard

This is the purchase of this year, Santa with Pink Flamingos!

Yep we have Flamingos too!

And another Penguin (this one goes up and down in the igloo)

And to not be out done we also have a flock of yard Flamingos too!

Now the big question is who gets it first this year?




  1. I’m not sure if my comment was sent to you – if you get this twice, sorry. I was saying… I love your blog! And that people do need to get a sense of humor especially around the holidays.


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