This year I resolve to….

Get taller and better looking!
Looks like I may need to tweek my list a little bit. Happy New Year to all, I am up, feeling quite spry and waiting for the Rose bowl to come on as the Trumpets broke tradition and actually went out to celebrate New Years Eve! This year we attended a dinner party at Itta Bena Restaurant which is above BB Kings Blues Club on Historic Beale Street. Being that in one of my former life’s I managed a club on Beale Street I vowed never to ring in a new Year again on Beale as when one gets older the thought of standing in a crowd with a ton of drunk people really doesn’t tickle ones pickle. Dinner was very good and the company was even better as we laughed and had great dinner conversation. Afterwards we walked up to the Majestic to ring in the New Year with our friends who also own the restaurant so it was a double win for all of us.
Afterwards we caught a ride with one of the horse drawn carriages to the South Side and caught a beer at Ernestine’s before calling it a night so it was a good evening considering it was bone chilling cold.
Now onto the title of my post because one of the dinner conversation topics was what we were going to do in 2009 as one of our friends who we dearly love is going to learn to fly fish and settle her credit card debt that she rang up in 08 celebrating her 40th birthday but I am kind of at a loss for words. I find that I am not a big “I am going to do this” and finish it with the exception of quitting dipping and Ms Trumpet quitting smoking a couple of years back and I am glad to report that we are still tobacco free and still married! I think that if I were to put a list together it would be goals or benchmarks that I want to achieve because I don’t see my arse heading to the gym tomorrow or not supporting Anheuser Busch in keeping the Bud Light consumption levels at the current state, I mean come on who wants to live to 100?
Anyway I would say that my goals would be broken up in 3 categories professional, personal and private;
First on the list is Professional and for that I want to bag another elephant meaning close another large account in this shitty economy. This will take some time as everyone, self included, is scared to death of what is to come and what the market is going to do. I will let you know on this one.
Private would be that I want to always be a better husband to Ms Trumpet, a better son to my mother and father and a better big brother to my sister and her boy. Last year was a ‘interesting’ year for my sister and I think that this new year is going to be a good one for everyone so I need to be there for all of those people.
Personal, well that is an easy one, I want to head south to ‘crappy’ San Pedro 3 times this year but since my friend TQ has Continental thinking that 800.00 for a ticket to Belize is acceptable we may have to reconsider that. Also on the list and I doubt that I will do it this year but one year I will would include;
Run with the Bulls in Spain
Have a Mojito in Cuba before it becomes ok for US Citizens to travel there
Vacation to Belize and not sleep a night in San Pedro but rather in all of the districts.
See every major college rivalry game in one year aka Texas/OU, UCLA/USC, Georgia/Florida, Ohio State/Michigan and Army/Navy
Carnival in Brazil
Center Court at Wimbledon

So, it looks like I will have to either hit the lottery or hope that momma sells 20 houses each for 100 million dollars but I will keep you posted!

Good looking group if you ask me

The TrumpetsHere is to you, and here is to me and if we disagree…
The Jackson’s on the carriage ride to the South Side
Me and Momma all bundled up!
Happy New Year and here is to good things in 09!



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