Belize Mainland trip from November

For someone who has been to Belize as many times I am sad to say that I have never spent any time on the mainland probably because of some San Pedroans perceptions of the mainland kind of like East Memphians perceptions of Downtown in that “Oh it is so dangerous!” This trip we did not have any virgins or guests so I had asked our good friend Marlon if he would not mind taking us on a day trip to the mainland as he always has said that he would love for us to see where he lived and the countryside.
We get into Belize City at 8AM and it is a Cruise Ship day so we hurry to get our rental car and Marlon gets us heading on the Western Highway to the Belize Zoo since it is better to get there before the Cruise Ship Tour buses. The Belize Zoo is unique in that the animals that are there are because their own habitat was destroyed or they are shunned at birth by their mothers and it is the Zoo’s hope that they can be re-introduced into their natural habitat.
After we check out the animals we head further on the Western highway to Marlon’s birthplace and his home District Cayo and let me tell you if you have never driven on a highway in Belize you are in for an adventure as the local brake repair shop must the business to have as every mile they would have a speed bump that could launch you to the top of Xuantunich in a matter of minutes. We arrive in San Ignacio and have a nice lunch at Erma’s and then head to Cahal Pech ruins and again I have been to Belize over 20 times and never even seen a lousy ruin and must admit that was a great experience.
For those of you who have seen the movie Apocalypto will know what I mean when you enter the arena and look at the alter, ball court or viewing area you get the feeling or reverence of what went on some many moons ago. As you walk up to the top you also understand that at my current height (5’7”) I would have been revered as the Shaq of Belize as those Mayans were some short people but then again at my current age, I also would be considered an ‘old veteran.’
We leave Cahal Pech and swing by to meet Marlon’s sons (from his first marriage) and I must say, you really understand how nice the Belizean people are as once we enter the house his son has inquired if we would like some food, drink or to please have a seat, sad to say the US kids would be to into their play station 3’s to be bothered by crazy foreign visitors. On our way out of town we stop at the birth place of Marlon and pick sweet limes from the tree to bring back to the island as they are not readily available on San Pedro.
Since we are ahead of schedule we swing by Old Belize for a cocktail and do a little sightseeing in Belize City and even swing by and see Rick who I knew from the old Crazy Canuck days. We get to experience a little Belize City 5PM rush hour traffic and make the final water taxi with 10 minutes to spare. All in all I must say that my trip was great and for those of you who have the chance spend a couple of days on the Mainland as you really can appreciate the country and its people.
Here is a link to my Pbase account for all of the pictures;

I can not believe that I got Ms Trumpet and Maria up and at the water taxi at this time!

Leaving San Pedro

High Temple at Cahal Pech

First of all I am not that damn fat but take a look at how small the doors are Marlon and his son
Casa De August

A big thank you to our good friend and family member Marlon August for letting us experience ‘his’ Belize, I for sure will be back!


  1. Great trip report. I am sure that now that you have experienced a mainland visit that there will be more in your future.PS picture link is password protected. Gail


  2. Great trip report. I am sure that now that you have experienced a mainland visit that there will be more in your future.PS picture link is password protected. Gail


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