Finally one that will be a real US Citizen baby shower

The good thing about living in our neighborhood is that we are very social and we will find any reason to have a party. Back in the fall we were at a wedding shower in the hood and one of our friends who got married last year had this horrible (non-Canadian) outfit on and you could tell there was something not right about Pucci-Sosa. Sure enough we found out that the rabbit had died and the MexiCan couple were going to have a baby, of course we were excited but Ms Trumpet, our neighbor and I all looked at each other and said in unison “Baby Shower/party!” So we set the date for the week before the Superbowl as baby Sosa is due in Mid February. The food was Eye-Talian as we had Lasagna, Eye-Talian Spinach, garlic bread and salad and had a good turn out. The party was so much fun that even the neighbor down the street parents wanted to join in as well. Good Luck Baby Sosa, you are going to need it because we will now be celebrating your first words, steps, poop and when you get old enough your entrance into the convent!

The Neighbor and Momma to be Sosa

Ice molds what do you use those for at a baby shower?

Of course, you have to shoot Tequila from them!

Aww a shot for the baby!

Brittney taking one for the team!

More! Oh dear this is going to get ugly!

AJ and his mound o Lasagna

Shawna, Liz and the Venezuelan beer holder!

Somebody went to watch the Tigers game before the shower!

Josh, you are so lucky and Adriana didn’t show till tonight!

Sherry excited that in 30 days she will be out of Alcohol Jail and Ernie will be going Grey very soon!

No comment

Sure she is smiling now but when here parents show up from Canada she will be walking around with a gun to her head. Sherri you can come hide at 595 if ya need to!
Mandy and Sherri
And in the end, no animals were harmed during the party but I suspect there are some headaches and some people are tasting the after effects of Tequila!



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