The week in review

Well I think that this week we can chalk it up to everyone I know has lost their damned mind. I was formulating an entry as I was taking my shower and almost had it but then realized my mantra in that I will not discuss current events so boom there goes that “award winning” blog entry. I apologize to those who read these ramblings who are not living in Crime-free Memphis but let me just say that there is no way I could make this $hit up!
Anyway the week is almost over, I have lost my savage tan from Belize and the only thing that we have in the “fun” pipeline is a trip to Hot Springs to bet on the horsies! We did get to keep my little nephew one day this week as his mother had to work and poor J-Bob has the croup which I think he is faking because he didn’t cough once and the little joker ate us out of house and home!
As far as the weekend goes, I have a hankering for some smoked pork meat so I think that we may have a Julia Childs blog entry coming up soon. I do plan on making at least one Belizean Snowbird’s mouth water as we saw something on Anthony Bourdain that takes 2 of my favorite ingredients; Ribs and good French cheese and it marries them together. More to come later and have a good weekend!

This sums it up in one picture!
J-Bob in his Halloween costume from a couple years ago

If things don’t get any better this may outside my house on Recycle day next week!



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