If you don’t like the Weather….

Now I have always been a fan of Murphy’s law as if it could go wrong, it normally will. This weekend I was planning on getting some stuff done in the patio and do some cooking as well. I try not to watch the news as sadly the Memphis Media makes mountains out of molehills and quite frankly Friday we beautiful and sunny. The weather men were forecasting snow on Saturday to which I am thinking “Sure I guess the local Schnucks needs to blow through some milk and bread.” So anyway I came home at lunch and shot these pics of the dogwood trees in our hood (DON’T WORRY, THIS BLOG IS NOT BECOMING A NATURE BLOG) and we even grilled out Friday night with some friends and even got some phone calls from the Captain!
Steve I may be short but I love a good foam call, please feel free to add me to your prayer speed dial list anytime you feel the need!
Saturday the weather had changed and we had rain during the morning. We went over to a friends house to watch the Tiger game at noon and sure enough by halftime the rain turned into sleet/BA Snow but I still wasn’t impressed. We ended up heading home around 6ish and cooked a pizza and watched some movies Saturday night. It was around 8ish that I noticed that we were indeed getting accumulation on the streets and our patio, I stayed up a little later than I should and watched it snow. The next morning Maddy and Lizzie (tiny toy poodles) wanted nothing to do with it and I shot some after pics.

Covered Portico
Not a Dogwood but is pretty anyway

The Southside Fountain looking north

Looking South

Heading to get more beer on Saturday (Damn you Weather)

Can you tell who’s car went to get beer?

The Redneck Cooler!

Who needs a bag of ice!

I know that peeps in Canada and Maine are snickering but that much will shut the city down!

After pic looking South

Some of those things that come up in the spring (can’t you tell that I have a green thumb?)

Aww look a shot of the 595 and 593

Don’t think we will have blooms when it thaws

Still don’t know the name of the tree
Ok, now here is where I normally will sign off but around 1ish my crackberry went off and I get an email from Rump Shaker who is down in San Pedro and it read the following;
i am assuming because of the snow in atlanta.i swear i am not lying-the next flight from belize to atlanta is not until wednesday.i talked at length to an agent.
i know you all are thinking i somehow finagled this but i swear i did not!!!!
so it looks like i will be home late wed night
i will check daily with delta just to see if i can get off this island sooner.
Now I have heard everything but that takes the cake (being sarcastic because I know that RumpShaker would not leave her co-workers hanging) but I am more pissed off that we never thought of that before! Anyway after that email and a little bit of a rant I get an email from my friends down in Belize that they met her and told me of her “bad luck” so hurry home there “Snowed in San Pedro!” Snicker, Snicker, Snicker!!

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