Traded in Tiger for Kentucky Blue

You know it is ironic that someone who attended a Division 1 University was lucky enough when their school won the NCAA Basketball National Championship while they attended, who would rather masturbate with a cheese grater than sit through a basketball game is now making a sports entry on their blog. Write this day down in history folks; for this is the day that Memphis TN is about to go back to the Stone Age when it comes to their Men’s basketball program, woe is us! For those of you who don’t watch Sports center, the U of M’s men’s basketball head coach left to take a similar position at the University of Kentucky and for the past 3 days this city has been on the verge of burning down.
The team got beat on Thursday of last week and the season was over so they came home on Friday and someone asked Cal (John Calipari) if he was going to leave for another University and he said that he wanted to stay here.
“He lied to us! He said he wanted to stay here!” how is Cal’s comment different than Joe Blow saying “Oh no officer, I have not been drinking!” or better yet “Don’t worry, I have never smoked in my lifetime!” (Note I was going to go down a different road but I may have young readers) So Cal lied to a reporter, big deal!
Next and this one is classic “The existing team is going to transfer elsewhere!” did anyone recall what year in school that kid that plays for the Chicago Bulls left last year? What about Douglas-Roberts, or the others before them? This is a year to year program and people who want Memphis to be the top every year had better get used to that.
“He is taking his entire staff!” um hello does anyone recall Tony Barbee, Derek Kellogg, and the ones before them? Staff comes and goes as everyone who wants to be on Cal’s staff wants to springboard into the big league themselves. We lost DK, Nicole, Butchie to UMass last year and I bet if Cal had stayed we would have lost someone from this staff.
“The program is in Ruins, we are back to the Stone Age!” Yea the Fed Ex Forum got loaded up in a U-Haul headed to Lexington, The Finch Center burned last night, and the program 9 years ago was top notch too! Give me a break; some people need to realize that Memphis is being left tons better than when Tic was nailing the coed in Harbor town. Guys and Gals you need to realize that Cal built the program to a top program and is not leaving it unkempt. The athletes graduate from college, the days of team disciplinary problems are over, he told everyone in the city to snap a picture of one of his players in a bar if they were found there! He was not going to put up with crap, he was firm but also fair to his kids. You look at the good things that he has done for Memphis and the list is long and storied and because of the Tigers success, the city has come together. I recall last year’s run in the NCAA’s and the local grocery store would come over the loud speaker every 10 minutes and would play the fight song and people of all backgrounds would cheer in an Fing Grocery Store! You don’t see that happening just any day folks.

With that I say thanks Cal for staying for 9 years, you touched many a life down here and you always wanted the people around you to do better and to succeed being it a top draft pick, an assistant coach, a student manager or a Mid Major Athletic conference. You want that for your kids and we can not fault you for the same. It is going to sting for a while and we will get over it with time but know that you are always welcome back to the Second Generation Italian Society booth for Italian fest and maybe one of these days you will get to play Mike Fratello in that game of bocce.

And with this I say the best of luck to John Vincent Calipari and “Ti amo y grazi’ mille!”


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  1. I just read your blog for the first time. Your post made me chuckle. I’m like you. Before last week, I had never posted about sports or Calipari, but last Tuesday, I found myself visiting multiple times throughout the day.


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