Someone is not having a good day today!

Sadly all of those trips down to Belize, to the Horse track and to the grocery store to buy food, beer and wine have to be subsidized by something so in addition to my zany wit I happen to sell some forklift parts and service to various customers. The job does have it’s perks as I get to learn about various customer’s business and make recommendations based on their material handling needs and I am always learning so it keeps me on my toes. One perk with having this job is that even if there is an economic slow down as long as there are the “Junior Mints” out there doing stupid things then I have job security.
Case in point, you know when you are driving on the interstate and there is a bridge or overpass and they have the little sign that gives the height clearance? Well it looks like Tony the Truck driver thought that he could make a Caterpillar forklift ‘shrink’ to clear the overpass. The other day they rolled this DP90 into our shop as it is going to need repairs and let me just tell you it is going to cost some BIG time! Apparently the Mast caught the bridge going about 70 down the highway and you know what happens when a moving object strikes one that is not moving…SMACK!

Oh did I mention that this thing has low mileage too!

Mast was removed but that cab/overhead guard are toast!

Side view

Broke clean off and that is 6 inch thick stainless steel!

Front view, both cylinders are toast, dash and steering column are done too.

Now here is where the real money is going see the horizontal carriage (holding the forks up) well those mast channels have been torqued and flexed so we will have to replace rather than repair.

Tilt Cylinders that were broken off mid shaft

Those ball bearings in the channel used to have stainless steel surrounding them. Not anymore!

At the top of the mast you can see where the bridge strike happened. You don’t see metal chipped off like that, the truck must have been flying down the highway.

So class when you have something on the roof of your car and the sign says that low bridge you may want to get out the measuring tape before you ‘chance’ it. Thankfully no one was hurt but I bet that the truck driver had to change his shorts afterwards.



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