Lordy Lordy next year CBT will be Forty!

You will have to excuse me but as of late my friends that went to high school or college have now reached that milestone age of 40 and a lot of them dread it. I don’t know if it is a self examination that they ‘should be’ here in their life or what but I have to say poppycock and “bring it on biotch” I am ready! Pretty much my entire life I have always hung with people whose bodies may be older than me but the mind and spirit is that of a 20 something that has a thirst for life. I mean hell, even Ms Trumpet ‘cougar ed’ me as she is a couple years older than me, we both love life and never pass on a challenge or new experience.
Case in point are our friends of the ACMB, here you have a melting pot of people from all across the country/world and yet you put us on an island down off the coast of Belize and it is like a family reunion. The only time that age is ever brought up with that group is when we are discussing the age of Rum or ‘a shitload of dewars’! I don’t think that we have ever laughed as much with our friends down there as we did this past February – Good times.
So on to Carbunkle Trumpet’s now official 39th birthday as we celebrated it last weekend, Friday evening we went over to a friend’s house for dinner, drinks and a great time was had by all. I must admit that I am not a fan of surprise parties or fanfare, I would prefer a good ole party with friends and let there be a little cake too but that is about it. Saturday, we headed over to AutoZone Park for the exhibition game between the Cardinals and our AAA team the Redbirds and with the weather, the cold beer, the fresh peanuts everyone had a great time. The afternoon was followed up with a trip to see Barbara Blue at Silky’s on Beale and due to the early start the majority of us were in bed rather early so the weekend was a success.
Good times and check back with me in about 11 months on what we will do for Carbunkle’s Making 40 his Biotch Celebration, it is going to be a fun one!

Weather enjoying some sausage and cheese

Weather telling Cannon a joke that he can use on the Golf Course the next day

Ms Trumpet squishing Missy’s head

Popper telling something important

Robo if you take a picture of me and put it on your blog, I am calling my attorney!

Next morning, the ceiling is high – Perfect day for drinking!

Packed house at Auto Zone

Zadi Mo

Bag of Peanuts eaten – Check!

BBQ Nachos eaten – Check

Weed and Weather

Even Karen showed up for a day at the park
The Trumpets and Missy

Family Shot in the plaza

Oh dear, now it gets crazy

Thankfully Missy didn’t scare Barbara this trip

Surly Mo Ho!

Me and the Surly MoHo (for Justin)
Didi acting like he didn’t know us

Ahh sitting at the Beetle looking South

Looking North towards the center city

Ding Ding goes the Trolley!

Got to love the Beetle’s hours of operation
This is a picture of our friends down in Belize at his 40th Birthday celebration this past Summer, don’t you hate them because they are cute?

Not really my favorite color but this was his cake and this is what I want on mine next year!


  1. Happy Birthday – looks like you had a great time.I am 41 so I can attest life gets better with age.Long as you are not ready for depends you are in good shape ha ha.


  2. Happy Birthday – looks like you had a great time.I am 41 so I can attest life gets better with age.Long as you are not ready for depends you are in good shape ha ha.


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