Harvard married a Mexican

Picture it if you will, there is a hurricane that has been forcasted to hit your home town, now you have been there before but never in a million years has one hit New Orleans so you decide to evacuate. You select about 3 or 4 days of clothes and leave the rest as you don’t think anything will happen. Then as you watch on TV as the levees did not hold and when you do finally return to your home you find that you had 11 feet of mud, water and God knows what in your family home. Your job at the Casino has been put on hold as the city is in ruins so you accept a position in Tunica Ms with a sister property. Now your parents, they pack up and move to Las Vegas and all of your childhood memories are just that a memory. Now since Katrina, you and your fellow New Orleans buds have befriended some Memphians and you made the decision to not move back to New Orleans but rather stick it out in Tunica.
In this time you meet a girl who is a Venezuelan (she only looks Mexican) and between your Coon Arse accent and her “Aye Pappi” dialect you start dating and even fall in love.
Ok, I am not a Harlequin writer! End of the story is that Josh and Adriana got married this past Friday in a small civil ceremony and we hosted the reception at Steve and Maria’s house. A good time was had by all and everyone was behaved and even the beer pong table stayed in the garage.
Ok to the pics;

The Happy Couple
A toast by Steve-O

SanSalvador’s words

A proud Daddy and mother

So a Rabbi, a Priest and a Baptist Minister go into a bar….

The Wilsons and the bride

Cut the Cupcake

Dad is happy to find out that he can now head to E&H’s for a burger and beer
Congrats Josh and Adri and many many years of happiness!

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