In case you were sick the day they taught Musicfest 101 here is another shot at it!

Rule Number 1 – It is going to Rain at least one day of Musicfest so you might as well invest in a pair of mud boots or in the case of this year – Hip waders. Flip Flops or high heels will not cut it!

Lake Tom Lee on Sunday (it was a foot deep in some places)

Love the King but the shoes…..

See what happens when you add water to dirt and have people walking on it?

Good thing that these suckers are my mud pants!

Rule Number 2 – When Tim Simpson from News Channel 3 says that it is going to rain all day, go ahead and make plans to break out the rain jacket, poncho and wear it.

Ya got to give him credit, at least he doesn’t have to worry about getting his clothes wet.

Girls ya look great but no points for wet clothes

Sames goes for these two, the one in the green was shivering but they both looked good.

Good sports but they are not enjoying their musicfest experience

Rule Number 3 – When the sun is not out the earth will cool, so you may want to dress accordingly.

Bless her heart, she was shivering
Rule Number 4 – Take precautions and wash your hands as frequently or use hand sanitizer to prevent the spread of Swine Flu.

Jen overseeing that the swine flu is being contained.

It is good to be the king!

Rule Number 5 – Before walking out the door, take a look at the mirror and ask “What would my mother say of this outfit?

At first I thought he was in a band but I was wrong.

WTCBF is going on here!

Ya got to like the hair but probably not appropriate for a fortune 500 company.

Rule Number 6 – Tip your bartender or servers!

These girls rocked and I hope made a lot of cashola
Rule Number 7 – Back hair is a no-no but showcasing it is even worse!

I am trying to wrap my mind around this but I can’t!

Rule Number 8 – Drinking should be done in Moderation.

We arrived in the park at 7 on Friday and heard that this dude was already passed out by 6. He never heard a single note!

Oh look the cherry vodka that he drank has now come up again!

Saw this walking in as they were right in front of us. Hope you enjoy that pronto pup (for the second time)

Daddy, I must have eaten something that didn’t agree with me and I sure am tired too!

Rule number 9 – If you violate any of the above rules then lookout for me as I may take a picture of ya!

Tune in next week when we discuss smoked pork meat!




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