Life is good!

I better remind momma to be careful of opening any letter bombs from the message boarders and to keep the blinds shut as we may get a drive by from an angry animal hospital employee as soon as I hit publish because this post is probably going to anger some people. The past month has been kind of stressful at the Trumpet household and I am glad to report that no Momma is not pregnant but she did just sign up with a new and improved band so if you are looking for new digs please feel free to give her a shout. I am not tooting her horn but it is secretly my plan for her to support me in the lifestyle that I need to become accustomed to and here is to hoping that she makes a ton of money and that this blog goes from making fun of kids doing and wearing stupid things to the first “What happened on General Hospital or Guiding light” blog. Go Forth and Make me some money Momma!
Anyway since Momma has changed jobs up a little, we are unable to take our traditional fourth of July trip as the month of July is going to be busy for her so CBT looked into his crystal ball and calender and did some pondering. Now if you have read any of these previous entries you can guess where it is the Trumpets love going trip after trip after trip so I pulled out my Belize Bucket List and here is what said; experience Lobsterfest, Halloween, New Years Eve, Carnival, and the Costa Maya festival. Well since I could not wait for the fall or the winter, I started looking at Lobsterfest as our trip this year. We found some good dates that we could attend and the Crappy Hotel that we always stay at had rooms so now it was time to play the flight watching game.
Well today I hit paydirt as we found some great airfare and what the hell, I booked those beautiful suckers today at lunch! As I was doing the San Pedro Happy Dance, I shot an email to my brothers and sisters from another mother who are forced to live on the island and it just gets better and better….
First of all we will be there in time to chill with some good friends from Kansas, Philly, Houston, and other places as they will be finishing up their vacations as well as chill with our great San Pedro friends – Bonus
Second we will be on the island the same time as some other blog stalkers and of course the blog mayor of Belize and others. (I am trying the Hyperlink out for the first time if you can’t tell)

And lastly we will be there for the Block Party of Lobsterfest and we get to enjoy 2 Sundays on San Pedro this trip! – Someone Slap Me!

First order of Business – Drink own weight in these!

Go Chill at this “shitty bar”

Go find this guy and drink with him too!

After spending so much time in the bars, I may even kiss this man on the Cheek! Or at least ring his damned bell!

Lobsterfest booth (Stolen from the Blog Mayor)

If I am lucky I may get the “you better watch yourself” Maria finger!

Go eat Breakfast at this joint (stolen from Rump Shaker)

If there is time maybe do this, or possibly Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond

But in the end we will be smiling like Cheshire cats!

Ok, I need to tell Momma to go close the blinds – Life is good!



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