Damnit I broke down and did it today!

I got my nipple pierced!

Sorry to disappoint those that have visions of a short fat blond haired kid with a Janet Jackson bobble hanging off my moob but that isn’t it, this is much more painful. If you have not figured out but I am a creature of habit by nature and very loyal to various people, places, businesses, and brands. Case in point, I purchase our booze for the bar at the same liquor store downtown and have no qualms of changing – why you ask, because they are a downtown store and I try to support downtown and the owners are good people. Same goes for my eating and drinking establishments, I am very loyal to my peeps as I want everyone to thrive in this crappy economy.
Same goes for down in Belize, I only stay at the same joint (for fear that the owner would kill me if she found out I went elsewhere) and yet I am good friends with owners of a B&B that we are actually going to vacation later this year with. Grocery shopping on the island is considered a chore as you have to go to various stores for items, I find everything I need at Rocks on middle street and if he doesn’t have, I guess I don’t need it. To me the relationships that I have here in the states and abroad are important as sure I bet I could get a cheaper room or bottle of vodka but what does that translate into? Another great example is my cigar man/owner that I get my Perdomos from, here is a man who sits in his store on Union and smokes cigars while on a nasal cannula and he is the nicest guy to visit with and always offers me a horse racing tip or a good joke. Sure I could get a box of cigars a little cheaper over the Internet but one time I had a couple of ‘shitty’ wrapped cigars and Mr. Vince took them and offered an exchange. Did he have to do it? No but he recognized that I am loyal to him.
Now here is the double edged sword that I have as I am in the business of selling and taking customers away from competition and I yet I break my own mantra. Granted when someone changes vendors it is because of a bad relationship or bad service but what about those who tell you “I am ok, I have a great relationship with my current vendor.” I traditionally tell them that I appreciate that and may I continue to keep you on my prayer list and check in with you periodically and normally they say yes. This of course drives my boss crazy as he is a “drop all margins” and “whore yourself out if need be” to which I normally tell him that if someone will ‘jump into bed with me that quick’ they certainly ‘will kick me to the curb’ when someone goes lower.
Now onto my title and the explanation, about 6 years ago we were granted the national account bid of service provider for a retail chain that is worldwide. I worked my butt off for those who were in my region and yet they treated me (actually they treat all vendors) like shit. Still I sucked it up and smiled and gritted my teeth as I muttered under my breath “you mother of stinking #$@#$%” and actually won some of these stores over. Well about 10 months into the business relationship we realize that payment was being delayed yet we still delivered on time every time. National accounts inquired and where told that is the way that we do business and yet our national account reps reminded this customer that was not in the initial agreement.
Well to make a long story this chain told our National account guys to go “have relations with thyself” and have a nice day. It was on that day when I was informed of the change that I vowed never to darken this chain again and up until today I was a man of my word but I had no choice today.
I was in an area with an attachment vendor and he needed office supplies and there was no choice, I had to go into Walmart and buy some inventory stickers. It is with that I hope that they choke on my $5.78 and have a nice day!




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