Country marries a Portugese Man-o-war 09

So you have always heard the stories of Attila the Bridezilla, or the one that the bride is sitting in the middle of a room crying because “cousin Eddie” just bumped the cake table and the expensive arse desert is now upside down? Well let me tell you if anyone had the opportunity to do this it would be Country as her and the Man o War could not catch a friggin break all weekend.
Now a little bit of history on Country as I have known her my own life, she is my parents godchild (catholic thing) and the youngest of an older sister and brother. A while back Ms Trumpet and I took her up to NYC to visit Maria for a weekend during Christmas. We had a blast and did the whole NYC eat/drink weekend and one day the girls got the Imelda Marcos bug and waunder into Sacks for some sandal and cho chopping. Since I used to be a clothes whore back in the day, I went with my Bitches and chopped too! As I come up I see Country trying on a pair of shoes as she has her right foot in a 4 inch pump colored red and is heading to the check out counter for a pair of shoes that I can imagine cost well over 500.00 for the pair. (Women I do not understand your infatuation with 4 inch heels that can cost as much as a flight to Belize) Anyway we head back to the suite after Country now hits up the fake Kate Spade purse sellers and almost spends as much on the crappy knock off bags as she did her shoes. Anyway as we are chilling in the Suite and have taken off coats and winter wear Country comes out in her sock feet and (remember the right foot in the shoe that she was trying on?) her left foot sock has a hole in it that not just one little piggy is showing but 3 of them! Needless to say we bust her balls a bit as here is a girl who just threw down 5 beans and is wearing a pair of 50 cent tube socks that have holes in them!
Anyway after 911 she gets shitcanned from her work and applies to a company and she gets an interview. This company is nationwide and we kind of throw the thought into her head that Memphis is fun but she is single, good looking and why not re-locate on someones dime. Well she chooses NYC and thankfully has a great support group and sure enough Country moves to Manhattan! After a couple of years there she then re-locates to Boston and sure enough the cowboy hat now resides in Bean town. Well fast forward and sure enough she finds a great guy and as luck would have it is Portuguese and comes from a family as big as hers (Italian) and next thing we know we are circling the 2nd weekend of June as Country is getting married!
Now the Wedding venue and reception joint (Pink Palace) has been picked, the rehearsal dinner place (her parents house in the country) is checked off, now the only thing left is to get them Yankees in town and let’s party. Well it would appear that Mother Nature wanted an invitation and when the bitch didn’t get invited she was a little pissy……To the tune of 3 tornadoes through the middle of town on Friday (Rehearsal dinner) afternoon.

Had to pull over due to the fear of getting hit by a tree!

Do I see a cow?

Now thankfully the storm passes but we now don’t have any power but in true Italian fashion we pull the tables out on the porch, ice down the beer and the party must go on! Here is Country’s brother and his wife and youngest son.

The sun came out and the kids wanted to look at the Ponies!

“Andrew, I don’t care what Mr CBT says, you can not have a Red bull and get a mo-hawk!”
BTW the little girl in the lower right corner was a darling, her parents are going to be in trouble!

The Happy Couple taking their licks from the speeches! (they weren’t bad)

The Groom’s brother busting some balls on his brother!
Now the storm passes and Saturday is a beautiful day but recall that storm on Friday? Well Mother Nature took out roughly 135,000 MLGW customers including the Pink Palace. Well Country takes it in stride and the show must go on! We move the nuptials outside and let the good times roll!

Big Brother and Big Sister of Country

Country’s NYC (and our too) friends and us!

Us and the Bride (camera was jacked up)

Hey look CBT’s dad is cutting a rug!

Pearl has had a little wine and BY GOD she deserves some!

The Bride and my Mom

It was a tad hot and even warm air was welcome but we had a blast!

The Ring Bearer getting after it!
In the end a good time was had by all and Best wishes to Country and to her Portuguese Man o War!

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