Train at the Garden!

Well the summer is upon us again so off we head into East Memphis for the Botanical Gardens “Live at the gardens”. The line up this year is pretty good (or so I think so) and the same players are back at our table so it will be a good summer in breederville! Train was the first concert and I must admit, until I heard thier songs and said “Oh I know this one!” I couldnt’ have told you anything about them. The food was good, the beer cold, the weather perfect and when it got boring we had some kissy kissy going on at a table to keep us occupied. Next up is the Doobie Brothers so we will see you then.

Great night for some music, food and fun!
Dude why must you think that you need to pull this outfit out of the closet!

I bet he has his white bucks on too!

Some lady splaining and thanking us for coming!

Sister Hazel opened for them

Lead Singer for Train

I think I love you!

They were so into each other they let me jump in for a pic!

Kalb had to get in on the action too!

This one is for you PJ!

“Hey I know that song!”

Next day we went over to Didi’s

Damn you Robo you better not take a picture of me on my birthday (note the birthday bottles of Jack!)


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