Oh where did you go on your vacation? Again????????

I know, the vacation originality of the Trumpets is about as boring as fish on Fridays for lunch. Before I even try to splain why we keep on going back I am going to ask you to try to describe the color orange to a blind person, or the sound a bird makes to a person who is tone deaf. That how I have trouble explaining why we keep on going back to the same joint. This trip we took 6 additional souls down with us and with one only being a virgin to Belize we were able to avoid the traditional tourist haunts (chicken drop, ect) and we did a more laid back trip as in past but more on that in another post.
Being on an island with native Belizeans, residents, ex-pats, tourists, and retirees you get a good mix or “gumboesqe” much like you do with the countries heritage and history. I have had the good fortune to visit San Pedro very early on in my life I have gotten to know a good number of friends on that island and thanks to message boards, blogs and the information superhighway I have also added to that growing list of people who I consider a good friend and this trip was pretty much the same.
This trip we did a lot of nothing, but we also got to visit with some new friends, hang with those who we plan on taking trips with and even visit with those who we brought panties, battery powered toys and even a damned pony for. Now I plan on doing a couple more posts about the trip so this is just the first installment as it is lunch and I am trying to get it done in under an hour.

wouldn’t be a trip w/o a trip to BC’s and listen to Dennis and Sherry
Sadly we didn’t get to hang much with them but thankfully we have Dale Hollow!

Hey I know her!

That sure is some funny head ware and Bling that Joe has on!

Can you imagine that she is eating? Oh and I told her better half (in a non-pervy kinda way) that she is smoking hot in a bikini too! (I hate her!)

Drummer Dan – Hey Man Play Freebird!

Corozal’s newest resident and hopefully she won’t get the hiccups!

Joe Chung what in the hell are you drinking! Oh and for future visits and info Tanya makes a killer Mohitto at Wild Mangos!

Is that Marty Casado?

Yeah I know I am fat but look at those two big ole Fatties that I bird dogged for Manuel and Jovanni! They were excellent btw!

Ok, why must every F’ing bar have to put moth balls in the pisser? I mean I have never seen a moth (skeeter is different) on the island! Does someone need me to bring some Urinal cakes? They smell a helluva lot better!

I can say that I have known her when she was 7 and we would go down to NOLA to pick her up and the next day she would get a sinus infection and have to go to the doc for an antibiotic.

Oh this is a neck injury waiting to happen!

Dude, it is 100 degrees, Nice Hat!

DCG, Isle, TQ, & SJ this is when we were texting you!

Tacoboy giving Bar 595 a shout out!

Sir Barry wanted to thank me for my patronage with 10 days of beer drinking!

She finally got her a pony! Great hanging with you and Maya – We will have to do it again!
San Pedro’s own Mary G and the Mayor (don’t know who the chick in the pink is but she wanted to be in the pic too!)

Momma and Mary (after she got her Mayan Temple, notice the smile!)

The Trumpets and the Kinnons (great meeting yall – we will have to do it again!) Oh and this couple rocks as they expose their kids to everything and take them everywhere!
Damn Dude, how about giving me a bulk discount instead of thanking me?

Um Hello Copyright department?

Good peeps (where was KC Jayhawk @ when I took this btw?)

And I will end with my short little brother from another mother – Chico!

Now for those who we did not get to see or who were not on the island when we were, we missed you and I assure you we will see you in the future!


  1. damn am i gonna have to go back to the dirty store before my next visit?maybe i could find one in the shape of jesus for colette……


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