WTCBF! You mean CBT isn’t going to ramble this time!

Ok rather than try to post the pics after the fact I will just start a new post. On a blogger question is it just me or is it a pain in the arse to upload only 5 pics and then they come in backwards and if you have any written the pictures jack stuff up. Is there an easier way?
Thankfully I took advice on how to can from an great elected official (she is great because she is in Iowa) and she gave the the how to and I can say that I am no longer a canning virgin now we will have to see how that stuff tastes because I am a little leery.
I am also uploading our 4th of July party pictures so Chunky and KC Jayhawk can slobber and see how we kick it in the 38103. A good time was had by all and Rambo you have some people here in Memphis that have a huge man-crush on you for your Rum Punch Recipe!

See I told you I kind of went crazy at the Farmers market….

Maters have been seeded but look at that color, it was almost pink!

After a couple of hours it turned into the Ketchup color but smelled like poop, more cooking!

Sterilized Jars

Debbie’s recommendation on how to can and when you follow it to a T it works like a champ.

I can say that this is a first as I have never boiled mason jars before! Oh well there is a first for everything!

What can I say, I followed Debbie’s instructions on how to do it but for me making it I had 3 recipe’s to work from! (seriously I hope that it is decent)

Cooked the jars for 45 minutes and all the lids locked down (Yea me!)

Oh for your info the 4th jar on the right is actually salsa that I also tried, that actually tasted pretty good!

J-bob came down and enjoyed the Redneck pool but thought that the 50 degree temp was a little harsh (filled with fire hydrant water that is well fed)

Still Shivering but wouldn’t get out of the pool to save his life!

Much happier in Uncle CBT’s pool!

Chunky and KC, this is brother Wayne’s smoker that uses trays that rotate around the exterior. It is a sweet “little” smoker!

The boys prepping stuff and you can see Fred (in grey shirt) having a beer!

Brother Chuck checking the fire on the big smoker (not the one that they use for Memphis in May I may add)

Could you imagine that baby down in Bayleeze (or in MN or Kansas City?)

Brother Guido checking the smoking wood!

Side view of Brother Wayne’s ‘little’ smoker the smaller drum to the bottom left is the fire box

Oh yes and we had corn too!

A good time was had by all!




  1. I've never said this about ketchup, but then again I've never had fresh ketchup, it looks beautiful.

    The 4th pictures were fun to look through.

    Your “julia frickin' childs” label reminded me about a preview for a upcoming movie I saw called “Julie and Julia”. It's about a girl who over the course of a year cooks every recipe in Julie Childs' cookbook, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” and blogs about it and there is also the parallel story of Childs' life in France. I'm more of an Anthony Bourdain fan myself but this sounded somewhat novel, if girly.


  2. You know now that you think of it I really never liked Julia or even those fat British chicks, the accent killed me.
    No I love me some Anthony, I have read his books and love that he is not afraid to make fun of people.


  3. i tink i dun tode yuz i disnt lik no catsup not no ketchup neither.


    but gimme som o that thar salsa and i be tryin it on one o them thar tor tilla chips



  4. Loading pictures is a pain in the ass, you can move them after you load them, but it takes time and also is a pain in the ass! Why does this blogging have to be such a pain in the ass? You should just say the hell with it and go to Tunica!!LOL!


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