Rest in Peace Mr White

I know that this is going to come as a shock to some but not only does good ole CBT have his good looks and hair but also has a tad (slight, barely noticeable) touch of O.C.D. I mean what is wrong with having 20 zillion containers in the garage that are labeled, easy accessible and some inventoried, I don’t see anything wrong with it.
Anyway as you may also have come to find out but momma and I do enjoy a good cold iced adult beverage from time to time and there is nothing worse than someone who shows up to a BYOB party with a 12 pack under his/her arm that was purchased from the store on the way and nothing to keep the beers cold. Enter OCD/CBT as we have quite a collection of coolers for the various functions that we attend and I do catch a lot of grief for this but I am like a boyscout – Always prepared!
Case (no pun intended) in point;
Need a cooler that has wheels on it and has to double as a two wheeler – Check CBT has it!
Need a cooler that you are going to the pool for an hour or so (half case size) – Check got it!
Italian fest coming up and you need lots of cooler space or you need to “hide a body” – Got 3 of em!
Need a good all purpose hard sided cooler that can be used everyday if needed? – Got him and his name is Mr. White.
Mr. White has been with me for a good 5 years as he has endured many a road trip, countless trips to the pool, grocery store, has carried gallons of Chili to football games and even has doubled as Rum Punch container. This past Friday, I had cleaned Mr White out the night before and was allowing him to dry and rest by the garage when it was then that I forgot where I put him. I get into my car Friday afternoon and put it into R and then….CRACK!
Thankfully Mr. White did not have to suffer much as it was very quick and done with. I held his plastic and Styrofoam shell in my arms for little while and said my good byes and had a private ceremony remembering his life.

May you carry many beers in Heaven my friend.

Many thanks to the EMT’s who tried to save him but as you can see from the damage the Goodyear tire was too much for him.

The family does request in lea of flowers you donate to your favorite bait and tackle store. Mr White has been replaced by Mr Green, a Igloo flip top that can accommodate 32 beers and ice, he won’t be able replace Mr White but we will love him just the same.




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