You can Leave your hat on!

Live at the Garden weekend and the weather was perfect, mid 80s low humidity, even those jackasses who wore sweater vests earlier in the year would have been comfortable. This evening was the sounds of Joe Cocker and let me be honest, I do enjoy having a table on the grounds in that we are closer to the stage other than the general admission peeps but tonight I would have been happy sitting in the nose bleeds. You see Joe’s hard living life of the road hasn’t been kind to him but let me tell you, you close your eyes and that man sound effing spot on! Great show, great food thanks to the Canagans and a good time was had by all!

Stage dims preparing for Joe
Just a little help from my friends

Shelter me

Unchain my heart!

Kalb and Christie (surprise attack)

Is Andrea waving to me or does she need another beer? You be the judge.

She came in through the bathroom window
Good show, sadly we are going to miss Heart for the Neighbor’s wedding down in Florida and for the Moody Blues in September we will be heading to Dale Hollow to party with these fine folks!



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