Been a while since I made this one

Sundays are a special day at the Trumpet household as it is Sunday-Funday but also night one of our crack addiction TV shows. Also we try to make our Sunday evening meal a little better than the rest of the weeks as I have more time to prepare and can fire up the outside kitchen if needed. Well Sunday morning momma informed me that she wanted Chicken and dressing and the traditional sides. I got all giddy as I knew that I could fire up the smoker and smoke some “yardbird” so off I went to the local store for supplies.

Pretty much all you need is 2 whole chickens, some of your favorite seasoning and a citrus juice
Sadly I didn’t have any faces to put on the birds but here you see they are dressed up with no where to go!

Oh the battle ground is ready!

Put them suckers on the smoker and here we go!

Ladies remember my Fathers day post? Here you see that I am using the indirect method and adding a water (or citrus) bath to add some extra moisture.

With the Egg I add a heat diffuser plate so that I am indeed cooking indirect, if I wanted to cook steaks I would remove that plate and use direct heat
Thar b a fire down there!

Not even 200 degrees!

That makes for a happy Carbunkle Trumpet – now where is that beer and cigar?

5 hours later they are brown, supple and will taste even better than they look!
Sunday-Funday evening dinner was a success!

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