The Brown Women come to Memphis!

Let’s see I have been to “that Shitty Island” down in Belize too many times to count and in addition to recharging my batteries I have gotten to know the wonderful people and consider many of them ‘extended’ family. A couple of years ago we kept telling Yasmin (Holiday Hotel’s office manager) that she needed to come up to Memphis and play with us as she is close to our age and I know that she would have a blast as we have already jammed with one of her running buddies Ada down in NOLA. Well finally Yas said that she would come when all of the girls headed to Houston for the 2 weeks of chill time they do each July, naturally we were pumped and began planning things to do.
Now when we landed this past June in Belize we were met by the hotel’s owner, Celi Mac, at the front door as she wanted to ask us a question before we made it into the bar and started drinking. We said ask away and wanted to know if she could accompany Yas to Memphis in July and party with is too. Naturally we said sure come along and we started planning “Belizean Girls Gone Wild” as “What goes on in Memphis – Stays in Memphis!”
Thanks to our good friends who are also our neighbors, we secured suite tickets to the Black Crows and got some rooms down at Tunica. The weekend was a blast and thankfully there were no casualties as we put both girls on the plane Monday safe and sound.

My Dad and Celi
Taken at Graceland and I might sell it too!

The Queen at the King’s grave ( in the backyard I might add)

Mr Kate Hudson

He gave a Special Shout out to Yas and Celi

They even fired up the Garafuna drums for the girls

Good Night Tunica!

Yas was figuring out how to get steer horns on her golfcart down in San Pedro!

Can you believe that she is 71? She outlasted all of us!

Here is a picture of Yas getting into Lisa’s inheritance. After this picture was taken both of them took some good money from Wild Cherry slot machines

Mom and Celi

For some reason they felt at home on the golfcart!
We had a blast ladies, come back anytime you want to!


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