Bernell and LD’s mini asses

The weekend came and momma was working all weekend so I tagged along with Weed (no her nickname isn’t because of what you think) to go to her parents house on the lake. We left out Saturday morning and made the trip up to KY (Kentucky for those dirty minded people) and to casa de Bernell and LD. Now Weed’s parents are semi retired and swap time between the lake and Florida but they are hardly the retired folk, these people work harder now than they did when they had the nursery. Anyway we had a great time as we took a boat ride, Ate, looked at their miniature donkeys, Ate, slept, Ate and then had to go home as I was pushing maximum density by the time we left KY!

There it is folks, the largest stuffed Catfish

Bernell and Weed riding in “Suck my Wake”

Captain LD at the helm

Nope you are seeing it correctly meet Paco the miniature ass!

Weed and Otis the ass

LD and the asses

Bernell giving her asses a treat
Oh and for the record, I was not all that keen on petting any of Bernell & LD’s asses as they had a little stink on them. Stinky Asses!

Bernell kept this ashtray that Weed made for her in the 3rd grade.
Doesn’t it look like a short bus version of the circle of friends?

Great views of the lake and the boats

A lemon tree on the porch

I made ribs for dinner

So glad we were able to find a Bud light can so that I could use to warm the ‘Finishing sauce’

Told Mr Frog about the stinky asses

Got to love the grill

Humming Birds were out in force
Good times, thanks Weed for taking me along and to meet your parents asses!



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