Don’t think of it as losing a neighbor, think of it as gaining Big Al!

Remember back when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans a couple of years ago? Well I remember it distinctively as Memphis got some major fall out because of it and I am not talking about rain, crime but let me tell you about my neighbor….
Nah, I can’t bust her too bad as that is like shooting ducks at the Peabody Hotel but this past weekend the neighbor married the bald guy and a good time was had by all. I am going to be nice (yeah right) and give you the PG version pictures after the first picture.

It must be love for the neighbor as they got married during death week and there were no CBT tears shed on the grave this year. Sorry King but he was with us in spirit!
Now you may be saying that Guido and Parham sure do keep a crystal clean glass cabinet door as you can’t even see the glass door!

Oh that’s right, those Damned kids broke the glass out when they were throwing the football. I hear that Guido and Steve-o chased those little B@$t@rds for blocks but they were too fast and got away.

Now that is some hair baby! BTW Nicole who do I have to sleep with to get an autographed pic?

My God is that Andy Roddick, Tara, CBT and the Groom?

It is so good to be the king!

Like I said, good to be the king!

Momma was not happy with blogging on the beach

Love those Conner’s! I promise we will see you soon in NOLA!

Good bar and a great view

I admit I may love Belize and San Pedro but they ain’t got nothing on the Red Neck Riviera!

Wedding day! Here come Flo being escorted by the oldest toe head. Don’t let his cute look deceive you, I played frogger with him and my arms are black and blue!

Here come the father of the Bride and the Bride

That is a pretty effing cool shot right there if you ask me!

One of these days I will get them back! Nah the toe heads were very well behaved and had a lot of fun at Rainbow’s expense (thanks Pat!)

Ernie and Sherry – you are so screwed! That girl is going to break hearts!

The North side is kind of lost since they don’t have their fancy hats or can’t sit on the back of a truck.

This could be the second best picture/shot that I took this weekend! Jello shots baby!

Soon her belly is going to be bigger than mine and Jason is thankful it is going to be a boy too!
We will come see you two as well!

Again, it is good to be the king!

Even Jesus made an appearance (so going to hell for that comment)

Rainbow, Shainbow and Pam

That is good stock right there!
Actually Mr Agnellini and I had a toast together that we no longer are responsible for the upkeep of 593 as it is that husband dude! Butchie good luck with that!

Now why does CBT and Tara have their arms behind them? What are they hiding the glass of punch (yeah right)

Vergona and Shainbow

Why didn’t someone take a waist up shot and let me stand on an effin box? Talk about feeling short here!

595 and 593 represent!

Older Brother Pat and Flo (again good Stock and great people)

Day after and all are up and accounted for (well except for the NJ Cougars)

The Allison’s!

Butchie – we will need to have the ‘married man’ talk when you get back, you will need to know the special ‘code’ in keeping Momma happy because if Momma ain’t happy then your arse will go sleep on Han’s couch!

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