What did he just say Friday

A bunch of my fellow bloggers put out some really good stuff on their blogs and actually have some edumicatimal stuff or a reoccurant theme on a certain day of the week. The Junior Senator from the Show Me State RxBambi puts out a Pharmacy Friday and I now know that Nurse Jackie is just banging Eddie for the sake of banging as she doesn’t get free pills. Or wait is that a Pharmacy code that I don’t know about? Oh that should have stayed a ‘thought bubble’ because Rx Bambi is going to so smack me (if I don’t stand her up again).
The Co-Mayor of 38103 Michelle does a great job of putting out the downtown info and is actually my first choice for what is going on. We acknowledge each other on the street with a nod as we don’t want to blow each others cover as everyone knows that we both fight crime in the 38103 (well I do – One beer at a time).
And then there is the Junior Senator from the Tar Heel state Otin and he really has some good stuff but sadly I never have time to get in on his random Tuesdays or the other stuff that he does but he is a good read.
So if you are wondering where I am going with this I have decided to come up with a public service for my 15 readers in a new post every Friday named “What did he just say?” Here is how it works, have you ever heard a saying or a comment about something that really put the exclamation point on something? For example when I describe something I could use – “This recipe is very good, as I like it” or “This recipe is ‘Slap Yo Momma’ Good!” now which recipe do you think people use? I have turned into a huge Anthony Bourdain fan (hell I even have a thumb ring now!) and Tony uses a ton of these sayings;
“I would walk across a street of broken glass barefoot to eat at that restaurant” or “My Nipples are so hard I could dial a phone!” It is these saying that I am now going to provide on each Friday but I also want to hear from you (my 15 readers) to please provide me your favorite saying if you have one. Email them to Carbunkletrumpet(At)Gmail(dot com) and I will publish them for ya.
Anyway here are some of my favorite sayings that I use and believe it or not I have thrown a couple of these out there at work and I am still employed so feel free to throw them into your vernacular.

Bad Mosquitoes – “They have mosquitoes so bad they could stand flat footed and rape a Turkey!”
Hot Weather – “It is hotter than two rats effing in a wool sock today!”
Wearing something a little too snug – “That is tighter than Dick’s Hatband”
Frustration – “I am as frustrated as a blind lesbian in a tuna factory!”

You get my drift, so put your thinking caps on and send me your sayings!


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