More Photos that I have on the pooter

Some more random pics that I have for you viewing enjoyment.

Italian festival, I think we got 2nd place in Gravy that year.
When not having a costume is your costume

Hannah Montana and her daddy

I should have shot the number 4 horse that day, damn Glue factory candidate

What do you mean my cholesterol is larger than the deficit?

And to think that this woman serves me drinks

Ever wonder what 30 pounds of cooked pasta and 20 gallons of gravy look like?

Why do I suspect the one on the left is going to be caught underage in a strip bar throwing dollars like Kid Rock?

Elvis is alive and well and apparently off the pills too!

Damnit D.A.D. I told you not to touch my beer!

When that spiky haired guy came to Memphis to eat some local flava!

MLGW loves us in December and so do the stuck up neighbors!

Yeah it must be August

Dude if I didn’t know any better I would think this could be the King!

Hey I want some of that cold pop!

Brings a new meaning to Sunday in Tiaras!
Then you have this Bro-mance!
Taken before Jerry’s World was open

Sadly they never picked us for OK’s pic of the week (bastards)

Crikey Cover her eyes, she is agitated!

They were no fun in the Holler either

That’s right my nephew’s picture is proudly hanging in Alex’s tavern with the other kids! Too bad his mother dressed him in Faggy Clothes though!

Damn Nova, Dita, Bill, Becky, Farmer Ted and Rambo!

No comment!

Really No comment!
More pics later (I got to go back to work!)



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