Whew dodged another bullet yesterday!

So my sister calls me and you know it isn’t good when she says “Do you know what your nephew said today at school?” That is when your first thought is “aww Shit No younger sister what did my Angelic God Child say today at School?” Well it seems that someone (I promise it wasn’t me) informed young J-Bob that the President was a bad man because of his stance on whatever issue (again not me!) this person disagreed with. J-Bob informed his school teacher of this and now someone (Thank God it wasn’t me) is in time out because of this.
Now if J-Bob walks up to his teacher and says “Hola Chicka” and then sticks out his tongue and flicks it back and forth then Uncle Carbunkle Trumpet will probably be writing “I will not tell my nephew to make bad comments.” a hundred times on the blackboard at his school.

I think I am going to send another case of the finest Scotch to my urologist who preformed my vasectomy!

Don’t you just love the little bastard kid!

One comment

  1. That sounds like the Chicka show on I think Sprout! I thought that it what he said at first and I would have taken his side. Using his Spanish and thinking about the Sprout morning show..! I like your squishing heads too! I am one of Anne Johnson’s way back best friends. :). I live humor in our daily lives. 4 children and I wish I could join the LPGA but have not had time to use my talents lately..!! DFW area.. Insta jojodog2000.


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