Farmers Market downtown

One of the good things about living downtown (other than being on the trolley line, so I don’t have to drive to Beale Street) is that we have a Farmers Market just down the road from us. Now I have to admit I am not a regular of the farmers market as much as I should be considering that my freezer is already full of stuff that I have been getting from my friends but it is a fun time.
Now it has been rumored that there are some peeps in 38103 that will swing by the market to get fresh fruits so that they can make flavored daiquiris but thankfully I don’t know them. FYI- Blueberry slush’s are not as good as Peach slush’s!

A good use for the bus station downtown!
Yeah they have kids stuff too!
Good crowd on a Saturday

If I wanted to bring the Monkey Heads they could chill there!



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