See what happens when there is a full day of Football on?

Ah Saturdays in the Fall, the weather finally got cooler and as luck would have it a ton of SEC teams were playing that were of interest to the Trumpets. I asked momma what she would like for me to make for dinner and she said that I had not done a beef Brisket in a while so off to Costco I go. Our friend Weed (not named for that reason) was going to make her famous Mac and Cheese as a side but made a game time decision and hauled ass up to St. Louis to watch Game 3 of the NLCS (and freeze her arse off) to which the Cards lost. Anyway I got up early Saturday and took the monkey heads to the groomer and then off to the kitchen I went.
Oh I must confess that I did enjoy twitter terrorizing our friends in MN and down in Belize as they are foodie lovers as much as we are, below are the pics that I uploaded during the day. Feel free to stalk me @ CBT38103 if you like.

Like they say in construction, you got to start with a good base, here I used some Rub de Chunk

5 hours on the smoker fat side up, below is a water bath of Miller Light beer, limes that have gone bad and rosemary twigs

Ok, she got out of a 2 hour Pineapple/brown sugar bath and now is in the glazing process (feel free to lick the computer screen)

Since Weed was watching the Cubs Cards Mrs CBT made a Mac and Cheese that made my Cholesterol raise 20 points just looking at it! Now be serious, who doesn’t have a chubby just looking at that?

Everyone got plenty and we are still waiting for the doorbell to ring and see the Tacos and ChunkyRuth at the door……

Oh and since the Hogs beat snot out of Auburn, I had to put my Hoggie hats on the door of my Auburn Neighbor. I am still afraid to start my car as I may have started a huge Eye-Talian/Greek war!

So what did you eat on Saturday night?


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