St Thomas is still South of the Mason Dixon line isn’t it?

So three weeks ago I am lounging in the comfy chair with the perfectly chilled Vodka Martini and Mrs CBT is on the laptop perusing my zany comments on Facebook when she declares that Doty (the name we will give her today) is selling her jeep and moving away. I naturally inquire as to where and momma tells me that she is moving to St. Thomas USVI to which fire off a text to her asking if St Thomas is still considered in the Delta. She replies yes that there will be a going away party for her the Thursday before she leaves.

Thankfully Mrs CBT and I have known Doty for a good 6 years when she was living in the apartments and would walk her beloved dog John (Rest in Peace) around the hood and we also would all hang out at the various drinking establishments. Not only being a true ‘southern belle’ Doty also is an accomplished artist and she shares the love of music by Willie, Waylon, The King, and many blues artists that we have sung at various times (off key) at some bar called Bar 595.

Anyway Doty decided to sell her stuff, throw caution to the wind and move to St. Thomas and we are sad to see her go but yet are very happy for her as we know she will be fine and I would not be surprised to see that the island will go from Calypso to Country Western by the time we are down there in December.

Some paintings/mixed media art that Doty created

Hopefully you know who that is

Or maybe him

If you don’t recognize this guy you should be shot

Back when Doty decided to move from safe downtown to hang with the hippies in Cooper/Young

If you didn’t know any better you would think these two are brother and sister
Doty being Doty

We are going to miss you..

That is just plain trouble there!

Now before you start to form a tear I texted Doty on Sunday and told her that I was dressed in warm clothes and this is what she sent me with the email entitled “Cocktail?”

This is her view from her porch (grumble grumble)
Doty we will miss you but know that you will be fine and charming those island boys with your ‘delta’ accent and your knowledge of ‘the perfect Country and Western song’! We will see you the first week of December!



  1. I don't know Doty but I'm totally jealous. Hancock and I used to talk about chucking it all and buying an island and selling beads for a living. I think I need to get to know this Doty girl.
    Ps- I don't know who the pictures are. So shoot me.


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