Hey I found some video of you!

So 2 days ago I get a couple Facebook emails from friends saying that I ‘sent’ some spammed emails and that I needed to change my password. I did and figured it was time to make sure the ole pooter was current on it’s anti-virus and it claimed it was good to go.
If you have never read my status updates, I like to stretch the limit as compared to some of my other friends who think it is important for us to know that work sucks. Um hello if Work was fun then you would be working at Disney World!
Anyway yesterday was the Miley Cyrus concert here in Memphis so I posted that I wanted to sell fake tickets to the young girls and their Milfs and that I also had backstage passes for sale to solidify my spot in hell. Well I guess the man upstairs got me because my Facebook account went ape $hit and I had to close the account. I am not sure who has fished or hacked my account but as soon as I got the email that my account was deactivated, I get an email welcoming me back. A couple more attempts and I think that my Facebook account is finally dead! I have a call into my favorite computer guru and hopefully I will be updating that I will be nailing Bea Arthur from the grave by middle of next week.
Oh and here is a Carbunkle Trumpet quickie piece of advice for those Ifoam carriers that you may want to use;

  • download a free “annoying sound” application that has the sound of a baby crying and make sure that it has a repeat option on the app.
  • When your house phone rings and you realize that it is a telemarketer, get your ifoam ready and have the sound of the baby crying right next to your mouth as you are talking to the telemarketer.
  • While they are in mid sentence freak out and act like you are beating said child and then silence your ifoam from the baby crying. Then get back on the line and ask them “You were saying?”
  • What can I say I am here all week and please try the veal and tip your server!

Have a good weekend!




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