English Mike is the ultimate Bar 595 promoter!

As we are about to embrace the 10th anniversary month for Bar 595 I have often laughed at some of the pics that have been sent to me of a 595 coozie in various places. Obviously my English brother from another mother has raised the bar with his worldly travels and also thanks to his mates but I have to admit, I fell off my bar stool tonight. Prior to my “Miley Cyrus Virus” I had a Facebook invite to a skydiving jump 3 months ago and I just put it into my calender and didn’t think much about it. Last weekend I get a text message from English Mike (thankfully at a normal waking time) that he had just jumped out of a perfectly serviceable airplane with a coozie and I am scratching my head on this one in disbelief as I am wondering if someone had too many pints in the afternoon.
Well I finally open my facebook, make my silly status update comment and then I see this and I am truly in awe! There it is friends and neighbors, a Bar 595 coozie up in the wild blue yonder!

Even as he is about to piss himself he is promoting the BAR!
Thanks Mike I love it and let me know what you want on the 10th anniversary coozie, because you defiantly earned it!


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