Trick or Beer – Halloween

Well for some reason this damned thing is not cooperating with me with pictures so I may have to make 2 posts. Anyway this year we again hosted the nephew and ‘his’ friends as they went trick or treating in the hood. As usual I chose not to dress up as anything because I would offend one of my multiple personalities by making them number one so no costume this year.

What can I say, they had a sale on Jello and I had some cheap Vodka left in the bar. Notice the can of ‘off’ below the tray? Yep we needed it on Halloween night!

Officer J-Bob and his Prisoner

J-Bob and his daddy

Even though Ruthie calls them Chuckdogs, I had grill up some of her wonderful wieners!

The MexiCan baby showed up celebrating her first Halloween


The Traditional CBT/Thoda pic

Yep that a Wilson Kid behind the bar!

J-Bob had to have a CBT/Mrs CBT Sammich before he left (all jacked up on Red Bull!)

Got to love the Parhams costumes!

Always good to see Brother Lloyd and he is doing great too, no more trips to MD Anderson!

Katie gets the award for best costume!

Why no I have never seen a pair of these boots before!

And I wonder why my sister and Thoda are not speaking to me, this is what was left on All Saints day! Oh and they are even better in the morning too!
Ok, Blogger is still not cooperating, I may need to start sleeping with Taco Boy!


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