People Need to lighten the Eff up!

When I started this worthless dribble I have always tried to avoid the 5 CBT No-No topics (Religion, Abortion, Gun Control, Gay Marriage & Current Events) as no one cares about my stance on them and it is like wrestling with a pig in that you both get dirty and the pig likes it. Anyway as of late I am really having trouble with the last item as it seems every time I log onto my twitter account, or get a ‘breaking NEWS’ email it is always bad news and it can get to you. I mean if it wasn’t for my ‘Special’ Iced tea that I drink at lunch or the occasional hit of blow off of the ample bosom of the stripper who is sitting on my lap a lunch (can you tell I watched Californication last night?) I may go Postal!

Anyway I am going to get on my soap box and do a little preaching today and say that I think that everyone needs to ease up a little and give a hug to a perfect stranger today. After you get rid of the burning sensation from your eyes, or your voice goes back to your normal baritone range because of the shot to your junk please remember to have a nice day!

My neighbor must have been conceived in a trailer park, look at her now and that thing behind her is her porch!
What in the Corn Bread Freck is going on here!

These guys are holding on way too tight!

I will get on my soapbox if I have to! Don’t make me!

Deep down I have always idolized Elton John and I am not afraid to admit it!

Leave it Terry!

Right now there is a Hancock Fabric store reordering silver tool!

People (who don’t reside in 38103) asked us what is going on and told them.
It is Sunday!

See if you can pick out what is not right!

Daniel Boone was a man (wait are those chick glasses?)

Memphis really needs to address the panhandling problem we have here

Don’t judge him because he is on welfare and can’t afford a proper hat, we accept all kinds!

She is so ashamed of what is going on in the world she can’t even look up!

The Saints are still undefeated – Is that Pig Flying?

I really need to take a vacation to Venezuela you know!

You can take the boy out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the boy!

Again with the Panhandlers!

Well at least the panhandlers downtown dress better than the Midtown ones!
Have a good day and please take it light!


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